Getting your message out to Grant County homes and businesses is as easy as a phone call to Blue Mountain TV . Cable Channel 8 advertising is inexpensive, effective and responsive. Weekly rates are as low as $10.00 per week and additional price breaks are available for not-for-profit organizations, yard sale advertisers and new businesses.

Advertising on Cable Channel 8 gets noticed! Pages are created to suit the advertiser’s needs and taste. The computer-based composition software allows the use of logos; photographs and custom backgrounds and graphics, making each advertisement stand out. Blue Mountain TV Cable’s experienced sales representatives are available to personally consult with advertisers and offer advice on composition and scheduling. Advertising on Cable Channel 8 means results for individuals and businesses or organizations of any size.

     ˜ Real Estate           ˜ Automotive
     ˜ Legal Services      ˜ Retail
     ˜ Restaurants           ˜ Special Events
     ˜ Entertainment       ˜ Household Services

Cable Channel 8 advertising reach the people who are your most potential customers.
              Cable TV Advertising is More Efficient

► Why pay for what you don't get?

► A picture is worth a thousand words.

► Spend your advertising dollars more efficiently.
               Pay to reach those people who are potential customers.

► For small businesses, it is an affordable alternative to radio and print advertising.
               Cable TV beats radio and newspaper because Video Sells!

► Cable TV is more effective.
               Dollar for dollar, cable TV gives a local business more bang for the buck!

► You get greater frequency, more repetition and greater impact.
               Cable TV advertising is today's hottest medium.

► More people are watching cable TV than ever before. Associate your business with  
               quality programming and a quality audience.